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Oral Nutritional Supplements

Our virtual pharmacist led Oral nutrition supplements (ONS) service provide               ONS to patients. ONS provide additional nutrients, including protein and energy for people who are not meeting their nutrition needs through food alone. This may be due to poor appetite, reduced food intake, increase in nutrition needs or poor absorption of nutrients due to illness. Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) are sterile liquids, semi-solids, or powders, which provide macro and micronutrients. ONS are used by individuals who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements through oral diet alone.

ONS are for patients who have the following illnesses: Short bowel syndrome, Dysphagia (Difficulty swallowing), Intractable malabsorption, pre-operative preparation of undernourished patients, Inflammatory bowel disease, Total gastrectomy, Bowel fistulae, Disease related malnutrition (chronic/acute). ONS are usually prescribed in the short term during acute illness, but also for individuals with long term chronic conditions. The role of ONS is to complement nutritional intake, and simultaneous information around improving oral intake should be provided. We do a medication review and medicine optimisation of any prescribed medication.